POMI… 100% natural Pom Juice

Alnar POMİ…

The arils are hygenically extracted from the pomegranate fruits, grown under the wonderful climate of the Mediterranean and squeezed to produce 100% natural juice, the Alnar POMİ. It does not include any additivies or protectants and is not from the concentrate. The fresh juice is bottled and then fresh frozen to have longer storage duration. Thus, the juice is thaw and marketed with 15 days shelf life at +4 C. We have 1 Lt and 250 ml bottles. You can find our products at many local markets, restaurants and hotels.

Distributer in Nicosia, Kyrenia and Famagusta is: Erhan Kadayıfçı (Hasan Şah Trading Ltd.) +90 533 880 03 83

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