Alnar Narcılık Ltd was founded in 2008 by some idealist pomegranate growers located in nothern part of Cyprus. Our producers have been moving together since the planting of trees and shares the idea of “growing together”. We are getting consultancy services from professionals about production and taking care of human and environment health in our field management practices. We are harvesting and packing our own products at our own factory and marketing ourselves. We are also open to utilize the products of other growers who use same standards with us and produce high quality products. All our products, packing facility and marketing procedures are traceble guaranted with GLOBALG.A.P. certificate (GGN: 4050373390433). We are exporting fresh pomegranates to many countries since 2011.
On the other hand, we are producing 100% natural, pure pomegranate juice from arils, without any additives with the brand of Alnar POMİ. The pomegranate arils are hygenically extracted from the fruits, thus the juice is produced from the arils, not from the fruit. It is flash pasteurized to retain both flavor and nutrients and fresh frozen to increase storage duration. The juice is than thaw and marketed in local markets, restaurants and hotels with 15 days shelf life at +4 C.